Offshore Company Formation

Offshore Company Formation in all major offshore jurisdictions, including Belize, BVI, Hong Kong, Marshall Islands, Panama and the Seychelles.

Offshore Company Formation - Form an Offshore Company in Asia or the Caribbean

What is an offshore company?

Essentially, an IBC (aka International Business Company) or Exempt company is formed in an offshore jurisdiction which is political stable and has a reliable legal system.

Why form an offshore company

Expatriates, high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners from all over the world form offshore companies for international trading or consultancy business, use the offshore company as a holding to onshore companies or for investment purposes. An offshore company may also be an ideal corporate vehicle to hold intellectual property.

Offshore company advantages

  • Asset protection against threatening creditors or an angry spouse
  • Access to Private Banking in it's most sophisticated form
  • Fewer restrictions on doing business
  • Fewer bureaucracy (simple administration)
  • Privacy protection
  • Low or no tax

Offshore company definition

As the words offshore, international and exempt suggest, an IBC or Exempt company is NOT ALLOWED to:
  • Do business in the jurisdiction of incorporation
  • Buy and own real estate within the jurisdiction of incorporation
  • Provide banking, insurance, trust or legal services

The offshore company CAN however:

  • Maintain an offshore bank account in any other jurisdiction
  • Engage a local solicitor, accountant or manager
  • Hold meetings and maintain books in the offshore jurisdiction
  • Own a ship, yacht or aircraft registered in the offshore country